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Tatanka Sun V-Shape-Roller

With pa-so products, our customers have experienced an increase in their body awareness. But our customers want more. For example, products for the skin, muscles and fat tissue, products for all cell structures of the body. The most frequent requests in percent are: Circulatory disorders (cellulite) Acute and chronic tension (neck, shoulder, arms, thighs, calves, facial areas, abdomen, chest …)Water deposits in the skin (in the lymphatic system) Vein inflammation (varicose veins, vein pain) After-effects of pregnancy (water deposits, connective tissue weakness in the abdominal and leg area)

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V Roller

As an innovative company, pa-so has accepted the challenge and the result is our V-Shape scooter – the best we can offer our customers. The V-Shape Roller is a simple yet extremely effective instrument. Regular use of the scooter is important to achieve visible results.

If you are interested, you have the opportunity to test the V-Shape scooter at any trained reseller and purchase the scooter.

Here are some examples of the 86 possibilities

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Everything for my body and WELLBEFINDEN 

MY V- Roller 539  von TATANKA SUN