The Muhatan Cuff

Finest handicraft of the Hopi

Finest handmade of silver and 14k (585) gold. Consists of 7 individual pieces with or without stones A cuff holds one in life.

Also in Europe (from the 5th century) Muhatan Cuffs were worn in Persian to Roman empires, as a symbol of strength, spiritual strength and success in life. The Muhatan Cuff becomes an important part of life for the person who wears it, because those who wear it know about the power in life.

The Muhatan Cuff

Silver and 14k (585) gold with stones 
Men: Size 6 ins. / 3.4 cm wide. ca. 114g
Ladies: Size 5.2 ins. / 3 cm wide ca. 92g

The bauty of muhatan  hopi cuff

Muhatap Cuff Men
MH/Cuff         with stones.  7300.-
MH/Cuff without stones.  6700.-


Muhatap Cuff Lady
MH/Cuff          with stones.  7100.-
MH/Cuff  without stones.   6500.-


The Muhatan Cuff

Silver and 14k (585) gold with stones
Men: size 6 ins. / 3.4 cm wide ca. 119g
Ladies: size 5.2 ins./ 3 cm wide ca. 89g

Muhatan Cuff of pure gold / 14k (585) white gold with symbols in 14k. (585) Yellow gold (3.4 cm wide ca. 120g with 30 diamonds). 43 500.-