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pa-so native art gmbh Aawasserstr.2 6383 Dallenwil Tel. +41 41 670 0937

Pa-so Native art, manufacturer of Tatanka Sun.

We convert the mathematical structures of nature into technological concepts. Our wish is to bring the forces of nature closer to people, so that we can live more consciously. The sciences enable us to use nature with precise calculations and to apply these findings in Tatanka Sun products.


Pa-so native art was founded in 1989 in Arizona (USA).

In 2002, the company’s headquarters were relocated to Switzerland. Our activities are final development, production and distribution of Tatanka Sun products. Tatanka Sun products have already been sold in 18 countries over 11 million times.

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2014 Production of masks

2019 New developments of Chip 3.0 Technology